Thank you so much for adding me as one of your Favs! My name is Madeline and my store is Evilcraftlab.etsy.com. All of my pendants are handcrafted by me using stoneware and lead-free glazes. I have placed all of my pendants on ribbons to wear instantly or remove the ribbon and add beads or chain! I love Etsy and I am so impressed by all of the talented artists/crafters that I see. I have been promoting Etsy for a few years to all of my co-workers and I'm excited to be selling some of my creations. I love to experiment with new techniques either in clay or general crafting. I have more failures than success! I tried hot-fix crystals on to wood pendants and the glue went everywhere making the pendants look messy. I'm really bad with glue so maybe I should just stay away! I really want to try Raku glazing with an electric klin, however, I need to get the supplies first. I love to share crafting ideas and I'm always looking for a way to combine my favorites, photography, jewelry and pottery. Please stop by my shop evilcraftlab.etsy.com. Not evil, just devilishly good!

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