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Hi I am Tanya from Hannahs Hands Creations
I create unique jewelry items. Beading just kind of fell into my lap. I moved to Lancaster, PA about 2 years ago with my husband. A dear family friend was opening her own buisness. a bead shop!!!! She asked me to come work for her even though I had NEVER heard of beading before. She took me under her wing and taught me the basics of beading and the rest is history. After making my first bracelet I was hooked and I wanted to make more and unique items and test my abilities more and more. Beading has been my passion ever since and it continues to grow.

One of my favorite pieces is the jump Ring Medallion. it was my very first attempt at chainmaille. After making my very first one I swore I would never make another one again. it was so frustrating and tedious. Then my boss insisted I teach a class in it. The more I make the easier it gets but it is still painstaking work that leaves my hands quite stiff haha.
The mothers bracelet is another favorite. I wear my bracelet with my daughters name on it everyday. I am your typical uber proud parent lol.

I had heard about etsy from some other artists that I know and I thought I would give it a try. I LOVE etsy. the talent on that site is astounding. Some of my personal favorites are nemesisProductions, she makes AMAZING soaps and body washes. AdorableBaby, her quilts are outstanding. Craftysteph, her incense is so fragrant, I love my apple cinnamon ones. Marsye, She is so nice, and I love that she offers iron on appliques lol since I can't sew. There are so many great shops and so many unique items.
right now I have a Valentines sale going on. 10% off all items in my shop.

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