Worker by day crafter by night...KarieAnn.etsy.com...well you have to imagine that guys voice
that does the voiceover for movie trailers( with suspense). Just like my
profile says I have a successful t-shirt biz both online and retail location
I needed an outlet when I got home to keep myself from going insane
thinking about what I had to do at work. I started playing with clay when I
wasn't knitting/felting and found I loved making the pens. I usually make
one or 2 a day. I sell them at a few other consignment shops around also.

I think I have become addicted to etsy. I try to sell everyone on the fact
they must visit Etsy...insert swirling eyeballs of hypnosis here....you will
by lots and become hopelessly addicted like me. ;)

I have 2 other sites that are an addition to my day job.

SaySaySay.etsy.com is vinyl lettering for walls and decor. This is my pet, I
love doing this, making something that will make some ones home beautiful.
We are trying to get a few new designs a week up on this site, so check back

shirtZnow.etsy.com this is my passion. I LOVE making tshirts......sounds
silly when I say it out loud....but I do. I love the designing, the printing
and the look on some ones face when they get just what they were picturing
in their head. This etsy store, a spin off for our preprint line, is from
our online designer website www.shirtZnow.com where you can go online,
design your own shirt, and we print them for you and ship it to you. If you
would like to try it out you can design your shirt, save the design and
convo me, I will bring up the shirt, give you a price and make a custom
listing for you on etsy.

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