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My name is Rachel of 99Lollipop and by day I am a psychotherapist working part time with the homeless of Los Angeles and part time in private practice.
By night and every other spare minute I knit, knit, knit!!! I have dreamt for years of putting my unique, one of a kind items into the public marketplace and have finally made the leap.
My work is made with attention to detail, individual styling and love. I use only the highest quality yarns and accessories, which may be reflected in the price, but is absolutly worth it! I also use vintage notions where possible.
I enjoy doing custom made work and can embroider and or embellish just about anything. I specialize in beautiful handbags and hats, but also make scarfs, shawls, actually anything!
In addition I teach knitting and crocheting to individuals and groups. I am reasonabally priced and very patient (so don't hesitate to contact me if you are in the Los Angeles area and desire to learn this incredibally satisfying and rewarding skill).
***For further and more extensive examples of our work, please visit us at www.99lollipop.com
You can also follow me on twitter under the name 99Lollipopcom

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I am actually a qualified Fashion Designer, pattern maker, tailor and industrial seamstress. I have designed and made many garments over the years, including wedding dresses, formal wear, usually by request only. I have worked for actual well known Australian Designers and have won fashion design awards. I've been sewing for over 20 years and I first had my own dressmaking business at 19. I am also have a degree in Computer Science so being online and messing about on a computer is natural to me.

When I discovered Etsy about 2 years ago it was not that appealing to me but it has come a long way. I've recently had the time to contemplate and get back to more full time sewing activities and I finally opened an Etsy account with no idea where I wanted to take it. It hits you like a fever though and now I am determined to make some success out of it. I've studied what Etsy is all about and what works for whom and what I can expect.

My shop has not been open long at all and what is there now is mainly for play. I plan to change it over and over again and reach out to as many people as I can in order to make it work. I've seen the success stories on here and they are a sign of what determination to succeed is. There is also a great community and great support and may talented artists.

I've had scrap booking online selling business on Ebay and my own website www.couturebynatalia.com. What I like about Etsy is that it's driven by customers. A lot of the stories I have read are all about tailoring your talent for what customers admire most about handmade and therefore what they are willing to buy.

I knew a fair bit about marketing before but Etsy is at the top of that game too. If you can sell on here you can sell anywhere. The quality of display and photography and imaginative titles and descriptions which draw you in are just some of the great things I've learned about.

You are essentially publishing your own magazine not to mention the business side. You see what works, what doesn't, what the value of things are and where good business sense can take you. And it's very affordable for all artists. I plan to be on here for a while now I know how far it can go. One of my passions is couture and I plan to explore that. You can't beat it for making you feel fabulous no matter who you are.



Worker by day crafter by night...KarieAnn.etsy.com...well you have to imagine that guys voice
that does the voiceover for movie trailers( with suspense). Just like my
profile says I have a successful t-shirt biz both online and retail location
I needed an outlet when I got home to keep myself from going insane
thinking about what I had to do at work. I started playing with clay when I
wasn't knitting/felting and found I loved making the pens. I usually make
one or 2 a day. I sell them at a few other consignment shops around also.

I think I have become addicted to etsy. I try to sell everyone on the fact
they must visit Etsy...insert swirling eyeballs of hypnosis here....you will
by lots and become hopelessly addicted like me. ;)

I have 2 other sites that are an addition to my day job.

SaySaySay.etsy.com is vinyl lettering for walls and decor. This is my pet, I
love doing this, making something that will make some ones home beautiful.
We are trying to get a few new designs a week up on this site, so check back

shirtZnow.etsy.com this is my passion. I LOVE making tshirts......sounds
silly when I say it out loud....but I do. I love the designing, the printing
and the look on some ones face when they get just what they were picturing
in their head. This etsy store, a spin off for our preprint line, is from
our online designer website www.shirtZnow.com where you can go online,
design your own shirt, and we print them for you and ship it to you. If you
would like to try it out you can design your shirt, save the design and
convo me, I will bring up the shirt, give you a price and make a custom
listing for you on etsy.


Thank you so much for adding me as one of your Favs! My name is Madeline and my store is Evilcraftlab.etsy.com. All of my pendants are handcrafted by me using stoneware and lead-free glazes. I have placed all of my pendants on ribbons to wear instantly or remove the ribbon and add beads or chain! I love Etsy and I am so impressed by all of the talented artists/crafters that I see. I have been promoting Etsy for a few years to all of my co-workers and I'm excited to be selling some of my creations. I love to experiment with new techniques either in clay or general crafting. I have more failures than success! I tried hot-fix crystals on to wood pendants and the glue went everywhere making the pendants look messy. I'm really bad with glue so maybe I should just stay away! I really want to try Raku glazing with an electric klin, however, I need to get the supplies first. I love to share crafting ideas and I'm always looking for a way to combine my favorites, photography, jewelry and pottery. Please stop by my shop evilcraftlab.etsy.com. Not evil, just devilishly good!

the every day scrapper

by theeverydayscrapper

My name is Samantha and I'm 20. I'm a dorm room crafter and love to see my items being enjoyed by others. I started making headbands and then expanded from there. I love trying new crafts and then putting them out on etsy. The button ornament is one of my favorites and then the headbands. I love the shop elsiecake and also hannahshands. I just marked down my headbands and each purchase comes with a surprise! I also run the website www.theeverydayscrapper.com

**You can use any pictures from my shop! **

Thanks so much!

Hannahs Hands Creations blurb

Hi I am Tanya from Hannahs Hands Creations
I create unique jewelry items. Beading just kind of fell into my lap. I moved to Lancaster, PA about 2 years ago with my husband. A dear family friend was opening her own buisness. a bead shop!!!! She asked me to come work for her even though I had NEVER heard of beading before. She took me under her wing and taught me the basics of beading and the rest is history. After making my first bracelet I was hooked and I wanted to make more and unique items and test my abilities more and more. Beading has been my passion ever since and it continues to grow.

One of my favorite pieces is the jump Ring Medallion. it was my very first attempt at chainmaille. After making my very first one I swore I would never make another one again. it was so frustrating and tedious. Then my boss insisted I teach a class in it. The more I make the easier it gets but it is still painstaking work that leaves my hands quite stiff haha.
The mothers bracelet is another favorite. I wear my bracelet with my daughters name on it everyday. I am your typical uber proud parent lol.

I had heard about etsy from some other artists that I know and I thought I would give it a try. I LOVE etsy. the talent on that site is astounding. Some of my personal favorites are nemesisProductions, she makes AMAZING soaps and body washes. AdorableBaby, her quilts are outstanding. Craftysteph, her incense is so fragrant, I love my apple cinnamon ones. Marsye, She is so nice, and I love that she offers iron on appliques lol since I can't sew. There are so many great shops and so many unique items.
right now I have a Valentines sale going on. 10% off all items in my shop.

Lil sprout organics

Hi iam Tiffany and i am Lilsproutorganics

I create all natural vegan organic votives made from pure soybean plants
I use fragrances from earth to scent each one.
Pure theraputic essential oils.

My votives are 1.25 for single note essential oils
1.50 for double tripple or remedy votives with pure essential oils

I can custom create candles just for you.
My pillar candles, can be chunky with color..organic dyes only!!!!!

Come by and check us out.


Give back to earth go green..go natural...buy lilsproutorganics life therapy candles

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